District Committee

Chairman - Liz Barnes


Running business meetings; overseeing the District

Contact phone no: 01732 885443 (home); 07730 922500 (mobile)

Email: maidstonechairman@kcacr.org.uk

Secretary - Simon Davies


General administration, District Programme


Contact phone no: 01732 885913 (home);  07748704060 (mobile)                                                                

Email: maidstonesecretary@kcacr.org.uk

Treasurer - Sue Bassett


Financial matters, including subscriptions and covenants

Contact phone no: 07749 688340


Email: maidstonetreasurer@kcacr.org.uk


District Representatives


Representing District on County Committee

James Davis


Contact phone no: 01622 842983 (home); 07714 753810 (mobile)

Email: maidstonerep@kcacr.org.uk





Chris Saunders


Contact phone no: 01233 663365


Email: robertsaunders44@outlook.com




Ringing Masters


Running of District ringing events; Practical training and advice


Terry Barnard


Contact phone no: 01732 849165 (home); 07885 677104 (mobile)

Email: maidstoneringingmaster@kcacr.org.uk







Jack Velvick


Contact phone no: 07400 374530

Email: jackvelvick@gmail.com




Publicity Officer - Roy Barclay


Editor of "The Belfry"; liaison with The Ringing World; Webmaster; all publicity matters

Contact phone no: 01580 890247 (home); 07718 216762 (mobile)


Email: maidstonepublicity@kcacr.org.uk

Committee Members


General Assistance 

Clive Ticehurst


Contact phone no: [details awaited]                                                           [photograph awaited]

Email:   cliveticehurst@yahoo.co.uk





Jane Higgs


Contact phone no: 07804 645571

Email: janehiggs129@btinternet.com



Emma Tilston


Contact phone no: [details awaited]                                                                 [photograph awaited]

Email: emma.tilston@emr.ac.uk