District Calendar

17/04/2017 County AGM Cranbrook
13/05/2017 District Practice Wateringbury
10/06/2017 District 10-bell Practice All Saints, Maidstone
08/07/2017 District Quarterly Meeting Barming
12/08/2017 Social Event (to be decided) (tbc)
09/09/2017 District Practice St Michael & AA, Maidstone
23/09/2017 County 6-bell Competition Maidstone District (venue tbc)
14/10/2017 Annual District Meeting Leeds
11/11/2017 District Practice Hunton (tbc)
09/12/2017 District Carol Service Addington (tbc)
13/01/2018 District Quarterly Meeting Linton (tbc)
10/02/2018 District Practice Boxley
10/03/2018 Striking & Call Change Competitions Ightham

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Easter Monday 17th April - County AGM at Cranbrook

This year's County Annual General Meeting will be held at Cranbrook in the neighbouring Tonbridge District on Easter Bank Holiday Monday 17th April.  There will be a service at St Dunstan's church, Cranbrook at 12noon followed by lunch (pre-booking essential) at approximately 1pm and the AGM at 2.30pm. There will also be towers open in the morning en route to Cranbrook and on the way home after the meeting.  Full details can be found by following the link to the AGM Brochure.

13th May - District Practice at Wateringbury

The next District Practice will be held at Wateringbury (6 bells - tenor 7¾cwt) on Saturday 13th May from 10am to 12noon. As usual there will be ringing to suit all levels of ability from Rounds and Call Changes upwards and all are welcome.

Please note that this is a change to the original District programme.  The 10-bell practice originally scheduled for this date will now take place on Saturday 10th June.

10th June - District 10-bell Practice at All Saints, Maidstone

The 10-bell practice originally scheduled for 13th May will now take place on Saturday 10th June from 10am to 12noon at All Saints', Maidstone (10 bells - tenor 32cwt). Don't be put off by the fact that the bells are heavier than you are used to or that you have rarely - if ever - rung on 10 bells before.  There will be experienced ringers there to help and as usual there will be ringing to suit all levels of ability from Rounds and Call Changes upwards. Everyone is welcome.